FOSHO AFF, the Smart Affiliate Marketing Platform

FOSHO AFF is a smart platform that covers the entire lifecycle of affiliate marketing, from data & intelligence, to merchant-affiliate marketplace, and to one-stop dashboard, all powered by AI technologies.

  • Brands & sellers can grow sales and diversify channels globally
  • Publishers, influencers, retailers and distributors can easily participate in FOSHO AFF programs to monetize and expand.

FOSHO AFF Intelligence

Insights & Strategy

Data and insights on affiliate programs and affiliate channels in your industry & competition

FOSHO AFF Marketplace

Sales & Growth

Merchants can connect with active affiliate channels all at once to drive sales


One-Stop Platform

View and manage all your affiliate networks within one dashboard

Why Work with FOSHO

Global Marketing Experience

FOSHO Team has broad experiences and deep expertise in global marketing, localized affiliate resources, and GTM strategies.

FOSHO AFF - Market Insight

Advanced Affiliate Network

FOSHO AFF has a large pool of active affiliates ranging from publishers and influencers to retailers and distributors, for merchants to grow their sales.

Best Selling

FOSHO AFF carries best selling products from big brands, niche market leaders, and Amazon sellers, for affiliates to monetize content and traffic.

FOSHO AFF - Market Insight

Business-Driven SaaS Platform

FOSHO SaaS Platform is powered by advanced data and AI technologies, with the sole purpose to drive business for users.