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FOSHO empowers brands and affiliates to find the best partners, leverage smart and data-driven solutions, and optimize performance and ROI.


About Us

FOSHO is a data-driven MarTech company that leverages AI and data technologies to help brands grow globally and provide affiliates and publishers with a wide range of opportunities to monetize with quality products.

The FOSHO team consists of experts with rich and global experiences in marketing, sales, and technology. We focus on technological innovation and excellence in marketing and sales, and offer digital, professional and dedicated services to our clients to help them succeed in the global market.


AI-Powered New Generation Growth Platform and Solution

All-in-One Smart Affiliate Marketing Platform

Product Innovation

A seamless solution that covers the entire process of affiliate marketing.

Intelligent Technologies

An integrated platform that delivers data-driven insights and solutions.

Local Resources

A wide and extensive network for global localization with hands-on expericences.

Dedicated Marketing Services

Affiliate Marketing

Media Partnership

Influencer Marketing

Local Resources

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