For Affiliates and Publishers

Affiliate Marketing just got more rewarding!

FOSHO AFF provides high commission and fast monetization programs to affiliates and publishers, from leading brands and best-selling products.

FOSHO AFF is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, with high AI-powered Data Tools and Content Generation.

FOSHO Supports Affiliates and Publishers of all Shapes

Media & Review Partners

FOSHO helps Media Partners by connecting leading brands for all their marketing and sales needs.

Influencers / KOLs / KOCs

Monetize your content and traffic,leveraging AI powered content generation tools to monetize faster.

Shopping & Incentive Sites

Find the best-selling products and bargains from leading brands that your users love.

Technology Partners

Most effective affiliate marketing tools and technologies to help networks and websites to monetize.

How to Earn on FOSHO AFF

Step 1

Sign Up and Build Profile

Sign up on FOSHO AFF to create and build your Affiliate Profile.The more complete your profile is,the more commission you may earn.

Step 2

Join Merchants Programs

You can find brands and products on FOSHO Marketplace,or FOSHO’s AI-Powered Engine can match the most suitable programs with you.

Step 3

Promote and Monetize

Promote the programs you join,reach your audiences and convert.Build long-term relationships,and wathch your commission grow!