FOSHO AFF Intelligence

Be in the know! Make informed decisions about Affiliate Marketing

Unveil affiliate insights into market, with the power of big data and artificial intelligence. Discover affiliate strategies that have worked in your industry. Find the best affiliates that drive sales.

How to Utilize the Power of FOSHO AFF Intelligence

Step 1

Sign up to FOSHO AFF Intelligence

Create an account and choose your subscription plan. Free trials are also available for you to get a taste of the insights.

Step 2

Subscribe to Industries & Brands of your Choice

Subscribe to the industry and brands you want to follow. You can discover affiliate strategies, important statistics, and a lot more data to inform your decisions.

Step 3

Follow Affiliates and Formulate your own Strategy

Once you find the right affiliates that can help brands like yours grow, you can follow them and start to formulate your own Affiliate Strategy.

Be in the Know when it Comes to Affiliate Marketing

We all know the importance of affiliate marketing grows day by day, but don’t rush into it without a well-formulated strategy. Be informed, and make decisions based on data and intelligence.

FOSHO AFF Intelligence offers Competitive & Market Insights in your industry. It is developed with advanced data and AI technologies, and by the people who master affiliate marketing on a global scale.